Selling DVDs Without Risk

“Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.”
                                                                             —Winston Churchill
You can produce and sell DVDs without risk. Here’s how: our CINEMAflix DISTRIBUTION Program manufactures DVDs on an on-demand basis, sometimes called “Burn-on-Demand.” As an order comes in, DVDs are made and shipped directly, the same day. No inventory to keep. No cash to tie up. No waste. No risk.
DVDs are “retail-packaged” with full-color wraps and disc graphics, housed in an industry-standard retail case, and CSS copy protected using studio-approved technology. There are no minimum-order requirements. Again, no risk.
But making DVDs on-demand is only part of the story. Selling DVDs is the big job. Our CINEMAflix DISTRIBUTION Program transmits metadata, images, pricing, and sell sheets to 120 online and in-store retailers and 14 wholesalers (that sell to an additional 600 retailers and 80,000+ libraries, colleges, and universities).
Filmmakers can expect a royalty of approximately 35% on each sale.
DVD sales may be down, but they are still a billion-dollar business. So, pursue it. After all, it’s part of our package.
Meanwhile, do check out our website,, for a listing of our entire line of features that will help you successfully and economically sell your film.

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