Foreign Sales Are Booming

U.S. distributors and major TV groups are investing heavily in foreign markets. They found that the domestic market has become so saturated that future growth must come from overseas. For example, HBO has calculated that only 23% of its $6 billion in annual revenue was generated in the U.S.
The big Hollywood studios can invest billions to reach these markets. What, alas, can a small indie filmmaker do to reach foreign markets?
The answer is to market your film on the digital platforms. They offer foreign distribution for a pittance. iTunes, Amazon, and Hulu alone are now available in over 190 countries around the world. Overnight, your film can be accessed in all of these foreign markets. Moreover, unlike a theatrical release, once your film is listed on a platform, it can remain there for a very long time. Check out our website, For only $950.00 we’ll do all of the following: encode your film, do the necessary QC (Quality Control), compile the package, submit the package to  the digital platforms and Cable VOD stations, and, as a bonus, market DVDs of your film to the major DVD wholesalers.


Selling DVDs Without Risk

“Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.”
                                                                             —Winston Churchill
You can produce and sell DVDs without risk. Here’s how: our CINEMAflix DISTRIBUTION Program manufactures DVDs on an on-demand basis, sometimes called “Burn-on-Demand.” As an order comes in, DVDs are made and shipped directly, the same day. No inventory to keep. No cash to tie up. No waste. No risk.
DVDs are “retail-packaged” with full-color wraps and disc graphics, housed in an industry-standard retail case, and CSS copy protected using studio-approved technology. There are no minimum-order requirements. Again, no risk.
But making DVDs on-demand is only part of the story. Selling DVDs is the big job. Our CINEMAflix DISTRIBUTION Program transmits metadata, images, pricing, and sell sheets to 120 online and in-store retailers and 14 wholesalers (that sell to an additional 600 retailers and 80,000+ libraries, colleges, and universities).
Filmmakers can expect a royalty of approximately 35% on each sale.
DVD sales may be down, but they are still a billion-dollar business. So, pursue it. After all, it’s part of our package.
Meanwhile, do check out our website,, for a listing of our entire line of features that will help you successfully and economically sell your film.