How Many Streaming Platforms Should You Pursue?

There are now well over 200 streaming platforms out there with more opening up each day. For an independent filmmaker this can become a challenging predicament. One option can be to book the film on every platform as long as there is no cost. But managing too many platforms can be time-consuming and easily lead to a nervous breakdown.
The answer is to focus on a few of the major platforms in the two most meaningful categories: Subscription (SVOD) and Transactional (TVOD):
Subscription (SVOD): You pay a monthly fee and, in exchange, you can watch an unlimited number of films. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Sony Playstation.
Transactional (TVOD): You pay each time you click to see a film. iTunes, Google Play, Fandango Now.
For one low price, $950.00, our CINEMAflix DIRECT Program will help get your film on many of the major digital platforms. Check out our website,, for more details and costs, or contact me directly as 1-212-628-4990 or

Showing Your Film Around The World

There was a time, not too long ago, when filmmakers would spend a great deal of money and a great deal of time booking their films in worldwide markets. However, it became very difficult. Overseas distributors were only interested in action films and films with big-name stars.
To make matters worse, indie filmmakers who were lucky enough to get an overseas booking, were now having a tough time getting paid.
Things indeed looked bleak.
But now, it’s all changed. The emergence of hundreds of streaming outlets has leveled the playing field. Finally, for peanuts, indie filmmakers can now have their films shown in almost every country in the world.
Even better, our CINEMAflix DIRECT Program enables filmmakers to achieve this for one set price, $950.00.
The Program includes all of the following:
* DIGITAL PLATFORMS. We’ll do the encoding, the QC (Quality Control), and the submissions to the major digital platforms like iTunes, Amazon, Hulu, Google, Sony, Fandango Now, and TubiTV.
*CABLE VOD. We have arrangements with two of the major cable stations: Spectrum (Time Warner) and Xfinity (Comcast).
With CINEMAflix DIRECT, even the small-time filmmaker can now be a global power.

Selling DVDs Without Risk

“Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.”
                                                                             —Winston Churchill
You can produce and sell DVDs without risk. Here’s how: our CINEMAflix DISTRIBUTION Program manufactures DVDs on an on-demand basis, sometimes called “Burn-on-Demand.” As an order comes in, DVDs are made and shipped directly, the same day. No inventory to keep. No cash to tie up. No waste. No risk.
DVDs are “retail-packaged” with full-color wraps and disc graphics, housed in an industry-standard retail case, and CSS copy protected using studio-approved technology. There are no minimum-order requirements. Again, no risk.
But making DVDs on-demand is only part of the story. Selling DVDs is the big job. Our CINEMAflix DISTRIBUTION Program transmits metadata, images, pricing, and sell sheets to 120 online and in-store retailers and 14 wholesalers (that sell to an additional 600 retailers and 80,000+ libraries, colleges, and universities).
Filmmakers can expect a royalty of approximately 35% on each sale.
DVD sales may be down, but they are still a billion-dollar business. So, pursue it. After all, it’s part of our package.
Meanwhile, do check out our website,, for a listing of our entire line of features that will help you successfully and economically sell your film.